Pine Rivers WW1 Memorials/Honour Boards


Local communities began (sometimes commencing during the course of the war) or after the conclusion of hostilities, to establish Memorials or Rolls of Honour for those ‘locals’ who had served or made the ultimate sacrifice for King and Country.

There are no rules for inclusion on most Boards, and often they are in the name (or nickname) as they were known in the area.  Most do not have full names (merely initials) and rarely Service Number or Rank (for Officers).  Some were created many years after the event.

Some Boards are fairly specific in their make-up, the Serviceperson could have attended the local school or church. They may have lived or worked in the area (or for a specific employer or Government Department) or were born there.  In some cases a relative has placed a person on the local board many miles away from the place normally associated with  the person.

Local young men travelled extensively for work on farms, timber getting or as a teamster, as far afield as Kilcoy from the Pine Rivers area, as did locals from those areas also looking for work.


Boards to include

  • Pine Shire Council Roll of Honour
  • Strathpine District Roll of Honour
  • AH&I Pine Rivers (Lawnton) Memorial Gates
  • North Pine (Petrie) School Roll of Honour
  • North Pine Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour
  • Anzac Memorial Ave Certificate
  • Narangba & Dakabin Roll of Honour