Site 27

Masonic Hall

Members of the Phoenix Lodge No. 85 commenced using the Masonic Hall in Whites Road for their meetings in August 1929. Although the Lodge had been consecrated in July 1894, the facilities of the North Pine Presbyterian Church and the North Pine School of Arts were previously used for the meetings. In 1929, the Whites Road land was purchased at the cost of £50.

Meetings were always held on the Thursday nearest the full moon to enable members to travel more easily in the era before adequate street lighting. A cyclone moved the building slightly in November 1937, necessitating a working bee to shift it back to its original position. After a portion of the land was sold in 1964, the building was realigned and renovated in 1966. Major reconstruction work was carried out in 1969 following the sale of a further parcel of land. Since 1969, Pine Rivers Lodge 511 has also used the venue for Lodge meetings.