Site 25

North Pine Post Office House

3 Station Street (Lot 2 RP 62298 Parish of Redcliffe)

The building was purpose-built as a post office, telephone exchange and residence by Miss Ida (Idella Morrison) Petrie (1865-1943), one of Tom Petrie’s daughters. On 13 August 1926, the Petrie Post Office transferred from the Railway Station to these premises, which were first rented by the then Postmaster, William James Foley.

Moreton Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P1873/1

The house has considerable significance arising from its association with the Petrie family. During its period of use as a post office and telephone exchange, which spanned more than three decades, the building became a focal point of the Petrie community. Large numbers of servicemen, who were camped in the area during the war years, also made use of the facilities and additional staff was appointed to cope with the demands. On 16 May 1942, the telephone exchange was upgraded to provide continuous service because of the emerging special defence needs.

When the Petrie family properties were disposed of in the early 1950s, the building was sold to the then Postmistress, Mrs. Mary Margaret Millar (nee Rapkins) and the building remained in use as the Petrie Post Office until 1958. Mrs. Millar continued to reside in the building after the postal services were transferred to a more central location in the town of Petrie.