Site 13

North Pine Hotel Original Site

The new North Pine Hotel, a two-storey wooden structure containing 22 rooms including 13 bedrooms, was opened on 7 April 1887 to replace Petrie’s Accommodation House. The architect and contractor was C. Scheller and the owner/licensee was Henry Gottschalk. Although it was first located on the north-eastern corner of the River Street and Old Dayboro Road intersection, in 1906 it was moved a short distance to the site of the present Petrie Hotel, where it remained a prominent landmark until it was destroyed by fire on 6 February 1956.


North Pine Hotel, 1906.
Moreton Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P0056

Gottschalk continued as the licensee from 1886-1898; Dick (Richard James) Blacklock from 1898-1899; Ellen Elizabeth Warneminde from 1899-1902; Martin Henry Warneminde 1902-1905; Edward McGregor 1905-1907; Walter John Baldwin from 1907. The Baldwin family retained ownership of the building up until 1956. After the fire, the original structure was replaced by the present Petrie Hotel building, first known as the Hotel Purcell.


North Pine Hotel, 1913.
Courtesy of Lila Adlem.
Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P2260

In 1995, a local businessman, Paul Gothard, constructed a replica of the North Pine Hotel in the North Pine Country Park. This replica building remains a commanding feature of Old Petrie Town.