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North Pine School of Arts

During the late 1880s, as the North Pine settlers strongly felt the need for a community meeting place, they set about constructing the building known to this day as the North Pine School of Arts. It was built on land purchased from Tom Petrie (Sub. 94, Portion 29) in 1889 and opened on 28 January 1890 with a gala official opening ceremony. The hall cost £1,000, including a semi-grand piano. The building was designed and supervised by a civil engineer, Charles Grierson, and the builders included John Bond, Fred Schwarz (who worked on the roofing and plumbing) and John McTaggart (who completed the painting and interior decoration).


North Pine School of Arts, 1906.
Moreton Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P0064

The hall, which is a fine example of School of Arts architecture of the late 19th century, quickly became the focal point of the North Pine community. Throughout the long period of its existence, it has been the venue for the major social and cultural activities of the district, having been used, amongst many other things, as a dance hall, concert hall, movie house, polling booth, local government office and library.


North Pine State School annual fancy dress ball
held in the
North Pine School of Arts, 1906.
Moreton Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P0067


Anzac Day march, 1950s.
The two Cocos palms planted by the Governor can be seen near the centre of the photograph
Bay Region Libraries (Strathpine Library) P0079